Book Review – Dirty Martini by Kavipriya Moorthy 

My Take On The Book:

Title of the book is unique & attractive . Cover of the book is innovatively done & it is sure to intrigue readers into buying the book. Genre of the book is Chick Lit .

The main character of the book is a middle class girl called Preethi . She has high hopes for a luxurious life . But her current life is in a mess. Society & also her parents give her a hard time by being judgemental. Then suddenly walks a guy called Raghu into her life. Both of them have a liking for each other. But when Preethi talks about some of her secrets, their relationship gets affected . One thing Preethi understands from her relationship with Raghu is that she can be loved again.

Pace of the book is well balanced. It is a 115 page novel. Love the characterization done by the author. Romantic scenes are cute & well written by the author. The author’s writing is beautiful & her words are like music to one’s ears. The book now & then goes to Preethi’s past & present, without any interruption in the story. There are many beautiful quotes in this book,which should not be missed while reading. This book tells you how a women is treated & judged by the society in India .

Overall it is a unique chick lit book & it was a wonderful read. The author definitely  keeps improving her writing from one book to another book & kudos to the efforts she has taken. Another important aspect of the book is the editing part, which is wonderfully done. The editing along with the author’s writing elevates the book to another level .

Definitely Dirty Martini by author Kavipriya Moorthy is a must read book for all .

Overall rating : 4/5


The Secret Of God’s Son by Usha Narayanan 

My Take On The Book:

As a mythology genre lover , I enjoyed reading this book, which is a sequel to the highly acclaimed book Pradyumna son of Krishna. Cover of the book is beautifully designed to match the story of the book .

Story starts with the mankind plunged into darkness by the curse of queen Gandhari. It is up to Pradyumna, the son of lord Krishna to save the world from the evils of Kali Yuga & also save the teachings of lord Krishna . He is well supported by his loving wife Maya . Their love for each other is limitless .

Pace of the book is well maintained . The author has done pretty good research for her book . Characterization is beautifully done by the author . The plot has many twists & will have the reader mesmerized.

Except for one or two editing errors, the book is flawless . Overall it is a wonderful book in mythology genre . The author lives up to her reputation & does not disappoint her readers .

Overall rating : 4/5




                                  My take on the book : 

                           The unique title & the beautiful cover increases the curiosity of the reader . The title of the book is justified by the final plot in the novel . It is a unique Chick lit novel . 

                           The main character of the story is Laksha , a chennai girl . The story initially talks about how close Laksha is with her best friend Pallavi . Their friendship involves silly fights , jealously , possessiveness & many more . Laksha is innocent , while Pallavi is ambitious. Laksha wants to pursue interior designing course from a college in Mumbai & while Pallavi joins a engineering college in Coimbatore. Laksha’s parents are wonderful people  who understand & support their daughter in her dream to persue a career in interior designing .

                          Both the friends take up their respective courses seriously & they try to do their best . Distance does not do any harm to their friendship , they are in touch with each other through telephone . Laksha finds new friends in Mumbai & she happily explores the city . When she is in need of an internship see accidentally gets in touch with Sai, a guy from Andhra. Through his recommendation, she gets an internship in a good designing company . Later Laksha falls in love with   Sai . Everything goes well for Laksha , she is leading a happy life in Mumbai . 

                          Then a train journey from Mumbai to chennai , turns horrific for Laksha . She some how reaches her parent’s place in chennai . But the horror had not left her , she slowly goes into depression. She later gets to know about few shocking facts related to her life & it further pushes her into more depression .  In the end the story is about how she comes out of her depression & starts a normal life again with the help of her  understanding parents .  Loved the way the author has done the characterizing  in her in novel. 

                         This novel beautifully tells however life hits hard, one has to overcome it. The author has written the novel from her heart & does her part well, considering that it’s her debut novel . The book has many beautiful lines , which I enjoyed reading . Pace of the book is slow in the beginning & then picks up speed till the  end of the plot . Few twists in the ending, makes the book a interesting read .

                         Few things that could have been done better : 

                         I felt that the final plot has been rushed a bit , a few more pages would have added more value to the novel . Also few of the characters , could have been described bit more at the end of the novel . 


                        It is a lovely read, where the author has shown different kinds of emotions like friendship, love, betrayal, jealousy & many more in her novel . Eagerly waiting for the author’s next novel . 

                       My Rating : 4/5 






                  My Take On The Book :

                 It is a gem of a book . Lovely love story , with beautiful characters.  Love the cover of the book . The unique title for the book is attractive . Definitely a must read book for the younger generation . This book gives solutions for many of the confusions faced by the younger gerneration towards love . 

                 Tone , pace & flow of the story is perfect. The book has plenty of cute conversations which makes the story very interesting . This book beautifully describes true love which exists irrespective of time & distance . 

                 Overall it’s a lovely read . Brilliant debut by the author . If you like romance genre, definitely it is a must read book which does not disappoint the readers . 

                      My rating for the book : 4/5





My take on the book :

                       When I first came to know about the author Ganga Bharani’s new book, I was bit worried . I loved the author’s previous two books , which are of thriller genres .  Her new book is of young adult romance genre . But I still trusted the author’s creativity & went for the book launch . There I met the author in person & bought my self a signed copy of the book .

Cover of the book was lovely . It rightly expressed the name & story of the book . It increased my eagerness to read the book .

The  story is about  a crush between a girl  Avanthika  & a boy  Gautham belonging to the same school & how the relationship goes .  The girl is very serious about love & but the boy is not that serious .  

                    Author uses a unique kind of narration in her story , which is lovely . Here along with the main characters Avanthika & Gautham, now and then the author also joins the conversation, which makes the story very interesting .  Dialogues are very humorous & entertaining . The author has taken great efforts in writing the story of two school students , which is not easy considering the very young age of the characters . The story flow was flawless .

It was a refreshing  lovely read for a guy  like me who loves only thriller books . The author has proved that she can excel in other genres too .  People who like romance genre should read this lovely book .

Overall rating : 4/5